Editing Nike+ Data on iPod + Nano on Mac

Typical terrain Nick runs on.

Typical terrain Nick runs on.

So, I’ve taken up running in an effort to get in shape for a myriad of reasons. These are no easy runs, either. No treadmills, no tracks, and as little road as possible. We’re talking southern California coastal foothill runs. Great for periodization with some great anaerobic climbs, eccentric drops, and a few places to breath some life back into your body, but not many.

As much as I like to unplug from our wired world, I found myself needing a bit of a push in the mental aspect of the runs. I decided to fire up the old iPhone 3G from a few years ago and use an old arm band Jas had for her iPhone 1… too bulky. So, I outfit myself with the iPod Nano 7. I chose this because of the Nike+ feature already installed on the device. However, this is NOT a GPS device, but a pedometer of sorts. So far, accuracy is WAY off. On a 1.58 mile run, it thought I had gone 2.06. On a 5.1 mile run, it gave me 5.73. This discrepancy is unacceptable when mileage is being tracked. I set out to find a way to edit the files since the Nike+ website has no way to manually update workouts. Tisk, tisk, tisk. Just think of how many more users you’ll gain when you add that feature, Nike. Anyway, here’s what I found on editing Nike+ files for the iPod Nano 7.

1. Make sure your Mac shows your file extensions. (If you don’t know, STOP.)

2. Connect your Nano to your Mac. In iPod options and UNCHECK the the box for the auto upload to Nike+.

3. Unckeck the box for auto-opening itunes when iPod is connected. Close itunes. Disconnect iPod then reconnect.


1. Open ipod as a storage device. (Ipod_Control is a hidden fiolder, so you need to make it Visible before you can do any of this. See above!

2. Look for the folders Ipod_Control >Device>Trainer>Workouts>Empeds>nikeinternal>synched (I archived the Workouts folder and stored it on my hard-drive, just as a back-up.)

3. Find the .xml files (looks like 2006…. blah, blah.xml)

4. Edit the files as needed. There are some fields that will require some calculation. For instance, there are duration and pace constants that need to be derived and edited if those fields need fixing. (I only needed to change pace. There c = 621.8. For example 621.8 x 568 seconds = 9’28”)

5. Move your edited .xml files to the ‘latest’ folder.

6. Delete the runs from Nike+ that have the wrong information.

7. Open itunes and see if ipod is showing there. if not, eject ipod (if it’s still showing as storage device), then disconnect and reconnect.

8. Ipod should show in itunes. Go to ipod options and check the auto uploud to Nike+ box. (Contrary to what it says on Apple’s help page, there is no manual upload option.) Click OK.

9. The upload of your edited runs should then happen. (Mine did.)

10. You should get asked if you want to go to Nike+. You should see your edited runs when you get there.

This technique was originally found here, on Apple’s support forum back in ’06. Turns out, not much has changed.

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